the road from the studio

4k dci video,  26m,  2022

clemente ciarrocca


sophie de beistegui


dj koze, brutalga square, © kompact 2016

donna summer, i feel love, casablanca records © 1977 usa


shot on the 5 and 170 freeways in los angeles, california, 10-2021 and 03-2022

clemente ciarrocca © 2022

Driving down from the studio at night.

There is a little bit of everything in here, so that feels weird.

The sound especially, opaquely contains so much more than you can hear.


Passing thoughts, we all drive up and down our freeways.

please reach out to to watch the film.

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clemente ciarrocca

[the road from the studio]


da hike

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