molten glass drips like honey

uhd video,  12m,  2022


clemente ciarrocca

sound composition and performance

abigail whitman

m a harms

jack herscowitz


shot in los angeles, california, 02-2022

on view  glas restroom 4 may - 1 june 2022

845 s broadway 90014 los angeles, ca

image © clemente ciarrocca 2022

Screen Shot 2022-05-07 at 3.53.58 PM.png

Molten Glass Drips Like Honey sublimates the conventionally categorized relationship between

hand and vibrator into a different type of encounter.


Scored by contact mics originally attached to the vibrator and run through a Max/MSP

ring modulation, the hand of the performer engages with the rubber in a dance of courtship,

temptation, evasion, confrontation, eventually translating into a specific kind of synchronicity.


Persistently suggesting the tangential potential of a true meeting, visual and sonic language

blend to offer an encounter that departs from the sexual sphere.


Sound component composed and performed by Abigail Whitman, M A Harms,

Jack Herscowitz. Originally conceived for the live sound performance of the same name

by Abigail Whitman, M A Harms, Jack Herscowitz.

please reach out to to watch the film.

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clemente ciarrocca

[molten glass drips like honey]


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