finite eyes

4k dci video,  26m,  2022

clemente ciarrocca



delia gonzalez

olivia schüler-voith

sound mix

giangiacomo gallo


shot in grischün, ch, 04-2020


clemente ciarrocca © 2022

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Finite Eyes was shot in isolation during the first European Covid-19 lockdowns, April 2020,

in the Swiss alpine region of Grischün. The film attempts to represent the gaps intrinsic to

a liminal reality: the gap between time and lack thereof; between stillness and change;

between life within and life beyond physical and mental boundaries.

Visual and conceptual imagination are the tools employed to circuit within such space:

to bridge it, tighten it, or expand it.


The title of the film is borrowed from Emily Dickinson’s poem Before I Got My Eye Put Out,

which inspired the making of the film.

please reach out to to watch the film.

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clemente ciarrocca

[finite eyes]


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