cheeriah zeroth

hd video, acrylic sheeting and glass, light, text on screen, map on screen,  32m (audio-visual loop),  2021


clemente ciarrocca


archive footage from california institute of the arts online film databases

thank you



opened   a402 gallery, 9-10 dec 2021

california institute of the arts, ca


clemente ciarrocca © 2022


Cheeriah Zeroth is a site that engages video, sound, text, light

and a number of polymer manifestations, to 'shape center' in form of a red plexi


This is about the sculpture’s personal and physical history projecting onto peripheral content

to evoke ‘its’ communal, natural, and cultural dimension, and letting this circuit resonate.


The environment of the site is comprised of The Bride, The Map, The Plea, and

The Center.

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clemente ciarrocca

[cheeriah zeroth]


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